LS2013 Core Project – Create the Project

There has been an update to the project on GitHub. This was a major update that causes the old project to break. I believe I have updated all the areas in the tutorial and addressing the changes. If you come across any inconsistencies, please let me know.

The goal here will be to create a simple LightSwitch HTMLClient project. We will change the name of the client and setup authentication.

Here are a few assumptions that you should be proficient at for this tutorial:

Adding files to a project
Creating data tables
Creating relationships
Basic Dev Skills

  1. Lets begin by starting Visual Studio 2013
  2. Create a new LightSwitch Desktop Application
  3. Call it LsCoreProject
  4. Open up the Properties for the LsCoreProject
  5. Under Access Control, select Forms Authentication
  6. Grant for debug the SecurityAdministration permission
  7. Save the project
  8. Right click on the LsCoreProject
  9. Select Add Client, give it the name of App
  10. Save the project
  11. Right click on the LsCoreProject.DesktopClient project
  12. Select remove
  13. Right click on the LsCoreProject solution
  14. Select Open Folder in File Explorer
  15. Once opened, navigate to and delete the DesktopClient folder
  16. Back in Visual Studio
  17. Save the project
  18. Under the LsCoreProject.Server section
  19. Open the Web.config
  20. For Microsoft.LightSwitch.Admin.UserName: LeaveMeAlone
  21. For Microsoft.LightSwitch.Admin.FullName: Leave Alone
  22. For Microsoft.LightSwitch.Admin.Password: just4fun!
  23. Build the solution

* as you see I go a bit overboard on saving the project

Next… Add External CSS

Here are the topics and their logical order:

  1. — You
  2. Add external CSS
  3. Add external scripts
  4. Update the default.htm
  5. Add LogIn/LogOut/Register/ChangePassword
  6. Create the security data source
  7. Screens for permissions
  8. Screens for role management
  9. Screens for user management
  10. Tables for tile menus
  11. Screens for icon management
  12. Screens for menu management
  13. Create a tile menu screen
  14. Create a database project
  15. How to deploy successfully
  16. Wrap up

3 thoughts on “LS2013 Core Project – Create the Project

  1. Alberto says:

    Any thoughts on upgrading to MetroUICss 2.0?

  2. paullinton says:

    Just wondering … why create an LS Desktop application and then strip out the desktop stuff and add an HTML client. Is that different from starting with an LS HTML Application?

    • dwm9100b says:

      Only reason is to show and allow the dev that you don’t have to stay with the default name of HTMLClient for your running client. If you don’t mind the default name, then you are correct, you can step over the create the desktop client part. There are other ways to change the name but this is a pretty painless process.

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