Me.  An IT guy that does a bit of everything.

Enterprise Networks
SharePoint and Office 365
Content Management Systems
System Integrations
Software/Hardware development

Out of frustration this blog was born.

Seems I’m constantly looking for a solution to a problem, relatively simple problems at that, and end up having to piece together what I learn from around the net and my own implementations.

Hopefully “stuff” I have found out will help others from having to search so hard.

Btw… I’m not a writer.  So expect what I post to be to the point without the dialog.  🙂

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Lyndon says:

    Thanks much

  2. Lyndon says:

    Re LS Core Project Example – are we able to freely use your code example in our own projects ?

    I have a couple of apps I have developed that I am likely to put into a GPL license


    • dwm9100b says:

      Absolutely use as you need. Glad it could be of use to you.

      I’ll be pushing out a huge refactored/expanded lsWire.js soon with a bunch of bug fixes and enhancements. You can check out some of whats coming by going to http://lightswitch.codewriting.tips. The site was built with the framework and where I’ll be putting most of the tutorials.

  3. NJP says:

    I was very interested in your Lightswitch HTML Clent Rich Text Editor GitHub packages. Unfortunately, I cannot find any description/tutorial on your Blog. Any help would be much appreciated.

  4. Hi Dale
    Thank you for interesting blog. Maybe you can future post make with video?

    Difficult to perform many steps on items

  5. Uriel says:

    I’m using the enhaced table but not working with screens that use parameterized queries. Any solution?


  6. Lyndon says:


    Azure works fine as does local IIS express. Its publishing to IIS that doesnt work. I registered a user for one published to IIS and tiles dont show up.

  7. Lyndon says:


    With respect to your LS2013 Core project- is there any reason why the menus and menu tiles might not be visible when you publish to IIS.?

    Under direct running ( ie localhost:someportnumber) it works. Under publishing to Azure it works. But when I try to publish to IIS, the colorful menu tiles and menus dont show up. The standard navigation menu in lightswitch does, and the functionality I built does.

    In azure i make sure the web.config reflects the user and password for what is published credentials for azure. For localhost with port number I make sure credentials are testuser etc.

    Am using VS2013 update 2

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

  8. Hi,
    I am looking for a way of integrating OAuth or openID for the user registration instead of the in-app user database. This regards LightSwitch 2013.


  9. HarmitSingh says:

    In reference to this blog –> https://blog.ofanitguy.com/2013/08/30/metroui-template-for-asp-net-mvc/

    Hey IT guy,
    I followed each and every step you told, even kept same name….

    But it is still showing an error
    “No overload for method ‘IsNullOrWhiteSpace’ takes 0 arguments”

    I am not getting how to solve this error ..
    Plzz help…

    • dwm9100b says:

      I apologize for the issues you are experiencing… Ill take a look and send you a solution.

      • The ItgEnhancedTable extension is great and contains some really useful functionality. However I run into a problem when I try to filter any column (in this case a straight forward String) and hit the Set button in that I get an error “Object function String() {[native code]} has no method ‘format’. I have double checked the code against your example and it all seems to be correct. If you have a work around for this problem I would be very grateful.

      • dwm9100b says:

        Can you give me what browser/version and I’ll look into it… thanks

  10. Benjamin Siegel says:

    Hi Dale,

    I’ve been running through your LSCore Project and am very impressed. I’ve always felt that LS was just on the cusp of being a great RAD tool – particularly for interconnecting various systems via oData. I live in the Enterprise data world and feel that the architecture required to develop hosted / SaaS LOB solutions is growing at an increasingly complex and ridiculous pace. LightSwitch has been a breath of fresh air thanks to its focus on data and screens first. From what I have seen at the last DevCon and recent marketing directions concerning cloud business apps in Azure and Sharepoint solutions, I only see the popularity of LS growing steadily. As a CTO for a software development organization, I have been weighing the merits of LS as a viable tool for developing commercial application components and extensions to some of our larger LOB solutions for some time. Upon reviewing your LS Core Project blog I see some light at the end of the tunnel. The goal of creating a core application framework hits the mark in this area. Keep up the good and interesting work !

    Since I am still reviewing your LS core project and your blog, I may yet find the answer to my question but in hope of saving some time, I was wondering if you could comment on the following…

    In your LSCoreproject, I noticed that upon saving credentials for a new user if the password complexity is not met, LS throws a very complex (non-user friendly) warning back (for the save operation failed). Could you comment on the best place to override this and provide a more subtle warning message?

    Thanks for any feedback…


    • dwm9100b says:

      Thanks for the comment Ben, I emailed you directly on the password issue.

      We’ll be updating the project later in the week that will have some of this validation and other fixes.

  11. I would like to contact you, could you send me your e-mail address?

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