LightSwitch – Common Core Teacher Evaluations


Here we’ll show you, via video, an application we’ve written to support the Common Core Standards for Education.  Its an evaluation system that in its current form is about teachers.  But we’ve made it so that with just a bit of terminology change, it can morph into an evaluation system for most anything.  Living or not!

  • Based on simplified rubric
  • Multi-tenant
  • Drag and Drop sorting
  • Tile based menus
  • Role based
  • Analytics with pretty graphs
  • Supports desktops down to smart phones!

Check it out on our tutorial site… TES

You can also see the video and more up on our YouTube Channel.

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10 thoughts on “LightSwitch – Common Core Teacher Evaluations

  1. zia lee says:

    Creative piece . I am thankful for the analysis ! Does someone know where my assistant could acquire a blank Honda Employment Application document to fill in ?

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi, these are excellent examples! The page asks for the username and a password. Is it still maintained?


  3. Lromano says:

    The Tutorial website is down so makes it impossible to figure out if this library is useful or not.

  4. Ken says:

    Just found this and though you have put up a new site I hope you don’t stop posting here because our company filters block your new site, whereas this one I can get through. Very helpful stuff you have here.. thanks much for sharing!

  5. Kivito says:

    Sry for blogjacking, maybe I missed something, but I’m VB guy and i’m trying lswires over nuget without success, is there some tutorial (help file or anything) how can I adapt and use this utility stuff and core project? Thank you!

  6. CM says:

    What are the methods from lsWires that you use to do the drag and drop reordering?

  7. CM says:

    This is an excellent project.

    I have a question about the drag and drop sorting of a list. I’ve been working with lsWires for a couple of days now and can get a list to be “sortable”. I’d like to know what function, if any, you are using as a callback to update the data source with the new order of elements. Getting drag and drop sorting on my LightSwitch apps would be an amazing bit of functionality to add.


  8. Hi! I really like your LS app. I work for a small school district and this would be awesome to use and tweak a little bit.

    Can you make the source available for this program?

    Thanks, Dave

  9. Sven says:

    Great. Good work.
    Any chance to download the Project?

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