LightSwitch Tutorial – How to enable table fixed column headers

Here ya go… our tutorial on how you can enable fixed headers for a table control.  We’ll also show you how you can keep the screen header fixed for when you have a tile or list view.  Its a pretty quick tutorial with the functionality part of lsWires.  We’ll be adding the videos soon.

As always your comments are encouraged.

Check it out…Enable fixed column headers!

9 thoughts on “LightSwitch Tutorial – How to enable table fixed column headers

  1. Jeremy says:

    This link, and the entire site?, seems to be down. I just get the “This page can’t be displayed” error. I really need to get fixed headers working… can you take a look?

  2. Charlie says:

    The link takes to a login page now? Can this tutorial be accessed pleased?

  3. Chris says:

    Hi, great blog and lightswitch demo. Was just wondering is it possible to have a screen fixed header as well as table fixed column headers in the same page? I have tried calling both activate methods but the end result is both of the headers overlapping each other.

    • dwm9100b says:

      Hey Chris,
      I too messed with seeing if I could hold both in a fixed position with the same result as you. One way you could do that is give the screen header, and tabs the fixed class with a high z-index, then you would change the algorithm for the table header to look for the bottom of the tab content vs top of the window.

      So… seems its definitely possible.

  4. Nicolás says:

    Quick question: is it possible to add lsWires to an existing solution, wich has both clients (desktop and HTML), or do you recommend starting from scratch?

    • dwm9100b says:

      You can absolutely add LsWires to an existing project. I’ve been moving my repositories over to BitBucket and have not opened it up yet. With that said. Go download the starter kit and get the files from there. Sorry.

      Also, I believe our NuGet package plays nicely, except it does add web.api and some controllers. I’ll publish a new package today just adding the client side javascript.

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