LightSwitch – Single Production Database, Multiple Applications?

Yes you can!

We’ll show you how you can actually use the same production database for multiple LightSwitch applications.  We’ll also show you how you can share common tables. And we’re not talking by OData endpoints here.

Great for situations where you are limited to the number of databases, not to mention simplifying maintenance.

Check it out on our tutorial site…  – with videos!

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5 thoughts on “LightSwitch – Single Production Database, Multiple Applications?

  1. Tarek.Eladly says:

    love the ideas and the work how can i register in it is asking for user name and password

  2. pp8357 says:

    Love your work and ethic. Enjoying the new lswires ease of use. Thanks from a small developer who loves Lightswitch

  3. Johan says:


  4. Denis Patry says:

    Your Blog as well as LightSwitch.CodeWriting.Tips provides our small developer team very
    rich Know-how, resources and real life application valuable for creating compelling client



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