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LightSwitch Tutorial – How to enable table fixed column headers

Here ya go… our tutorial on how you can enable fixed headers for a table control.  We’ll also show you how you can keep the screen header fixed for when you have a tile or list view.  Its a pretty quick tutorial with the functionality part of lsWires.  We’ll be adding the videos soon.

As always your comments are encouraged.

Check it out…Enable fixed column headers!

LightSwitch Demo – Table Control Fixed Column Headers

Just a quick demo video showing how you can have a standard LightSwitch table control not scroll its column headers off the screen.  Its pretty cool and should have been part of the control from the beginning.  I hope you check it out and come back when we finish the tutorial so you too can do this.

Let me know what you think and that its something you’d be interested in seeing how to do.

LightSwitch Fixed Column Headers

You can test drive a live sample at:

LightSwitch – Single Production Database, Multiple Applications?

Yes you can!

We’ll show you how you can actually use the same production database for multiple LightSwitch applications.  We’ll also show you how you can share common tables. And we’re not talking by OData endpoints here.

Great for situations where you are limited to the number of databases, not to mention simplifying maintenance.

Check it out on our tutorial site…  – with videos!

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LightSwitch – Deploying your application to a shared hosting provider

Are you as annoyed as I am about the cost to host your LightSwitch applications on Azure?  And as your number of applications increase, so does the cost.  Not to mention the annoying spin up time for your application once it has been idled out.

But then again, what are the options?  Visual Studio Publishing Wizard for LightSwitch no longer makes it easy to publish to 3rd party shared hosting.  And even the method it does provide, there is little documentation on how to accomplish this.  And THEN, what documentation is out there, seems to be way out dated and the instructions fail miserably.

What a mess.

Hopefully I can help you get back to being able to use shared hosting.  I’m going to step you thru the process that I use with my own hosting provider.  And show that once you are configured up, its really quite easy.  And fairly inexpensive!

Check it out… Deploying a LightSwitch application to SmarterASP.NET

LightSwitch – Examples of real life applications in service

We’ve added a section on our tutorial site to start showcasing, via video, of some real LightSwitch applications that are actually in service.

First one up is an application for sending emails to recipients that are imported from an Excel file.

  • Email Templates
  • Multiple Mail Servers
  • Column Formatting
  • Excel Formulas supported
  • Multiple Data Files
  • Server Side Queues
  • Image for Header

Check it out… and we’ll be adding more!

And of course our channel on YouTube… We’re just starting to add videos, expect many more to come.

LightSwitch HTML Client – How to gracefully handle session timeouts

Annoyed with session timeouts when using Forms Authentication?

Check out this quick, easy fix that will gracefully handle this situation and send them back to the login page.

No doubt that you’ll add this to every one of your forms authentication application, LightSwitch or not.

Click here to go to our tutorial.