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LightSwitch HTML Client – Create your own Starter Kits!

As you have quickly found, Visual Studio does not provide a means to create templates from your LightSwitch HTML solutions.  Which means we are always having to create our new projects from scratch or from another where we have to keep the naming and clutter.

Not anymore!

While its a hack, it should be a hack that you’ll get a lot of use out of.  Here is what it does:

  • Copies the source solution to a new folder
  • Deletes all unnecessary files and folders
  • Renames all relevant files and folders
  • Updates all name references in all files
  • Changes the name of the Client if told
  • Changes the IIS Port if told

What you get out of it, is a clean solution based on the original.

Continue over at our tutorial site:  Create your own Starter Kits

LightSwitch HTML Client – The lsWire Core Project

Our new lsWire Core project will be the basis for all of our tutorials going forward.

Its based on the lsWires framework and is our first tutorial being hosted on our new site,

This is also our first tutorial that we’re providing a “Starter Kit” so that you can not only quickly get going, but that you can create as many new solutions from this core project as needed.

This little item alone will, hopefully, dramatically change the landscape of the LightSwitch ecosystem. By allowing developers to provide their own starter kits from their own amazing solutions.  Especially since Visual Studio has not provided a means for creating templates from LightSwitch Applications.

Click here for a direct link to the tutorial.

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New Site for my LightSwitch Tutorials and Tips…

We’re moving all our tutorials over to:

Few things to note about this new platform…

  • Its a LightSwitch application
  • Uses the lsWires framework
  • Allows anonymous visitors
  • Not hosted on Azure… meaning its FAST
  • Ability to change themes on the fly
  • Guests can sign up for Alerts
  • … and a ton of other internal features