LightSwitch 2013 Core Project with User Management, Tile Screens, Self Registration

Note that the March 2014 Update to Visual Studio caused, what seems like, breaking changes to the user management side of this tutorial.

As time in the next few weeks allows, I’ll be working on updating the content.


As noted in the title, this tutorial will show you how to setup a core LightSwitch 2013 project. Not just any LightSwitch project, but one that will allow User Management natively vs. having to use Web API. We’ll also show you how to implement a highly configurable system that supports creating MetroUI style tile menus. Finally, it doesn’t do any good if you can’t deploy the application, so we will show you how with Microsoft Azure.

I know that this is a huge tutorial, again. I did try to make it a bit more manageable by breaking it up into pages vs. one humongous post. I encourage you to go through the tutorial (at least read it) rather than just downloading and running the code, there are some items that you should understand in order to have a successful deployment. Or Not 🙂

Here are the topics and their logical order:

  1. Create the project
  2. Add external CSS
  3. Add external scripts
  4. Update the default.htm
  5. Add LogIn/LogOut/Register/ChangePassword
  6. Create the security data source
  7. Screens for permissions
  8. Screens for role management
  9. Screens for user management
  10. Tables for tile menus
  11. Screens for icon management
  12. Screens for menu management
  13. Create a tile menu screen
  14. Create a database project
  15. How to deploy successfully
  16. Wrap up
  17. How to update B1 projects

Tutorial code can be downloaded from github at LsCoreProject.

16 thoughts on “LightSwitch 2013 Core Project with User Management, Tile Screens, Self Registration

  1. Brandonfet says:

    Элитные наручные часы

  2. Scott says:

    Any update on when the blog posts will be updated for user management after the March 2013 update?

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further write ups
    thanks once again.

  4. pmalcolm says:

    I found your blogs to very good. I am currently trying to learn Lightswitch/MVC. In your project. I am trying to do two things: 1. Move all the databases into my own. How do I move the user, permission tables etc.. This a newbie question but where is the database stored for these security tables. 2. I want to add more fields to the registration screen. I have modify the createwizard in the resgistration page.

    • dwm9100b says:

      1. User table is part of ASP.NET actually. The method I use, uses the functionality of LightSwitch, but you can roll your own and connect directly to ASP.NET tables if you like. Database is actually the SQL Server that you use for your application.
      2. You can write additional code in the code behind file or in web.api that would save your additional data. I’ve not messed with this so don’t have any code to share on how to do it.

  5. Lyndon says:

    Is there any way to make use of menus and menu tiles under windows authentication? Would be cool to have externals coming in under forms authentication and internal clients come in under windows authentication. When I change to windows authentication – neither the profile nor security tiles show under start page? Thanks

    • dwm9100b says:

      There is… I am working on updating a bunch of my posted projects. One of the updates is full support for windows authentication. Hopefully will be able to roll it out soon. March 2014 update has broken a few things that I need to fix.

      • Sabrina says:

        Has this been done yet? I am definitely looking to incorporate windows authentication in the lightswitch core project. This would be amazing!

      • dwm9100b says:

        Has what been done? User management? Yes.

      • Sabrina says:

        User management using windows authentication, specifically using the lscoreproject. I’ve been wrestling with it the last week and I’m having trouble when deploying to IIS.

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  7. MSDN Blogs says:

    […] LightSwitch 2013 Core Project with User Management, Tile Screens, Self Registration […]

  8. vjkarnam says:

    I mean dynamically from database tables?

  9. vjkarnam says:

    Excellent Article…!

    Can we have live tiles with statics or any other info or pics as we have in windows mobile or desktop tiles?


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